The substantial history of racing games. 1940’s to present. I was fed up of seeing half-made, 5 page web sites which were unfinished and inaccurate. So I figured, hey..i’ve played masses of racing games…since 1978….I know what’s what. I’ll do it myself. Simply put, this is a bunch of acrobat documents ready for you to download and enjoy without cost. It is my opinion. My commentary. My thoughts and feelings. It’s therefore completely right and correct 🙂 I’ve tried to make it as colourful as I can…it’s about 50% words 50% pictures…but I’m no DTP expert so forgive my layout.  Some photo’s are ripped from the net. Some are my own. If you own the copyright and have the cash to support a legal case…let me know before appointing lawers please :).  What I will add is that the words are very much my own, so don’t go ripping me off or I’ll report you to the web police. Seriously if you want credit for pictures…just ask.

Disclaimer: numbers may have been rounded. words may have been removed for being too dull. quotes may be inaccurate. pictures may be photoshopped. you might not like it. opinions may vary. no refund available.


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