Further uploads

Racing game friends, I have been away!  Apologies i never completed the uploading of the PDFs back in wow, 2007!  Well i’ve just updated about three pages and there’s another three to come later this week.    They’re not updated as such, just finally uploaded.   I hope my McRae pages make him or his family proud, RIP Colin.

What spurred me on?  Today i noticed there was a number of references/links out there from authors, game designers and of course gamers who enjoyed the read and i thought it time to make a few hours, find the URL, reset and get a password, log in, and see how wordpress has changed in the last eleven years or so!   Mighty impressed it still exists at all and whilst i’m sure this doesn’t look like a modern blog, i’m sure you can find the downloads!  Happy reading if you like this kind of thing.

lance.carter@gmail.com should anyone wish to get in touch



One response to “Further uploads

  1. historyofracinggames

    uploading 100% complete. click okay to proceed.

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