Monthly Archives: June 2007


If you love racing or driving games, if you enjoy retro-gaming and in particular if you enjoy reading about these things…then you’re in for a treat. Over the past few years I’ve been writing and putting together a fairly substantial chornological look at the by-gone racing games. I hope you enjoy reading it. There’s a proper introduction inside…there’s a bit about me, what’s included and what’s not included.  But briefly there’s everything you’d expect plus hopefully a lot you didn’t.

Please participate in the ‘discuss’ tab for feedback and corrections/new entries. Really, if I missed a trick or dropped a ball, let me know! I am still needing to find the time to upload the final pages but there’s plenty to get stuck into.

Each PDF might have several games on it, regardless of what name appears in the link to the file. The balance should be live within a week so check back. Now dive in…